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On 5-1-13 Scotty hand built 11 pedals in the last enclosures left over from 2006's Scot-60 SB-1 from his collaboration with Bob McBroom from Pedalworx! These are the last of them to be made and the only 11 Scotty hand made himself. Originally Bob built them to Scotty's specs.

Originally made into a silver vein powder coated housing named Scot-60 in a war with rival Lovepedal, later Scotty and Sean kissed and made up and Scotty changed the name to SB-1 built in the red enclosures using Scottys exact circuit. They are the very same original circuit designed by Scotty.

Using an NOS Telefunken BC237P gold pin transistor (the first run used new BC183L's), this little beast is probably the best lil boost pedal on the planet. It cleans up crystal clear when you roll back your guitars volume knob. Controls are Boost and Cut, comes with red LED and 9vdc battry tap (tip neg). The Cut control is terrific, that goes from treble boost to bass boost still being smooth and articulate.

It sounds great, extremely versatile that goes from light Boost-OD to dirty transistor OD-Fuzz! Clips and sings into feedback and made my vox AC15 sing like a bird as this box is very touch sensistive. Lots of tones in this little box!

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