PedalWorX McFuzz



The fuzz that put PedalworX on the map!

Handmade using great parts. The circuit boards are still made in a small Etching tank using Quality copper, NOT MASS Produced. There Are NO tiny SMT parts in this pedal. Built in the USA means something to us! The McFuzz Jr. is a silicon pedal using Vintage Motorola transistors. The pedal is tuned by ear, tested at stage level volumes and tuned again if needed. If you would like a Hybrid design, we can make that for you too. Just let us know. The McFuzzÔ can be tuned in for great fuzz tones, or back off the gain a little for thick overdrive. It is also possible to use the McFuzzÔ as a boost with the volume on “10” and the gain turned down a bit.

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