PedalWorX Dirty Angel



The Dirty Angel™ is an aggressive drive pedal made for the gain hungry. This little piggy's compressed tones are great for fat 4th & 5th type chording.

Dirty Angel™ provides cutting tone with just the right amount of tight bottom. It is perfect for palm muted chord work, but has an open top end to cut through a loud band or crowded club. Using your NECK Pickup will yield a pork fat sustain good with buckers or singles, no mush. BRIDGE pickup leads will hurt small animals and birds. Keeping you guitar's volume back a tiny bit will help keep the pig fat. Simply roll it full for leads. The 3M rubber tape wraps the board to seal in freshness and insulate components.

The Dirty Angel™ is a high a gain pedal. Internal trim can be set for even more gain. Factory setting is set to the lowest gain for the best tone. The Flying Pig with a Halo from your friends at

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