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PedalworX is proud to introduce the "World's first" Wah/auto Wah that uses an actual Wah circuit!

The Cool Machine starts as the Jack Butler mod which includes pretty much everything needed to make an amazing sounding wah. There is a toggle for two "Q" setting and both are usable and different from one another. DC power jack, true bypass, spec'ed out board.

Add to a great sounding wah a toggle for automatic function and you have yourself a PedalworX Cool Machine Wah. On the Output jack side of the pedal there is a DC power jack and under the foot rocker is a toggle for 2 different "Q" settings. On the input jack side is a toggle for normal wah and auto-wah function. Also on the input jack side is a knob for setting the speed of the auto wah function. On the top side of the pedal there is an LED that blinks to the speed that the Cool Machine auto wah will be running at. If the LED is blinking you know that you will be in auto mode when you kick the pedal on and inversely if the LED is off you will be in Wah mode when the pedal is kicked on.

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