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Cactus Crunch™ is the latest pedal from PedalworX and the first of it's kind since it not only has increased tone shaping, through the use of Bass & Treble controls, but it also runs internally at 18 volts DC with the use of either a 9 volt battery or a standard 9 volt negative tipped adapter, which is similar to most Boss and Ibanez type pedals. Built from the ground up the Cactus Crunch™ is a project that has spanned many months of prototyping and design. The idea behind the 18 volts was to have an increase in clean headroom available for the pedal. If you think the tones of Robben Ford you would not be far off from what we have here with this pedal. We supply the pedals but, Of course you will need the hands and chops to go along with it.

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