Pedal Tank Bone Breaker


Pedal Tank

A high quality hand-built boutique pedal. If Metal is your thing you'll love this pedal. It's got that nastiness and grit to cut through any mix.

Some key features are:

  • True bypass
  • Handmade and Hand-wired in Thailand.
  • Nice bright blue LED
  • Uses high quality components: Alpha pots, J-fet transistors.
  • Rugged powder coat finish
  • One year limited warranty

Pedal Tank

It's the type of touch-sensitive tone-sculpting tool that blurs the line between fuzz and overdrive. It can go from quasi-clean boost to slightly crunchy and all-out saturation and ripped-speaker fuzz—and everything in between.

It's great for the guitarist who likes to dial in subtle nuances using the guitar's volume control.

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