Pedal Tank BBlue Overdrive


Pedal Tank

This is the effects pedal that sound Overdrive Style Vintage tone, but it is not there. It can also clean sound mix control to customized combination of sounds clean and drive.

The basic circuit line 808 vintage overdrive give the sound characteristics of the middle voice clear favorite guitarist. Is extreme.

But this device add MIX control to combine clean sound with overdrive. It's mean has 2 layers, clean sound to the front of the drive sound.

When we set MIX control to counterclockwise this device will be clean booster just like OP-Amp booster it's can use Level knob only to adjust the output level control and if we set MIX control to clockwise. This device will full control all knob adjust Drive Level and Tone.

The Controls:

  • Drive : Sets the amount of distortion.
  • Tone : Adjust for vary of treble tone content can't use when set MIX to full counterclockwise
  • Level : Adjust for output level.
  • MIX : Adjust to combination Clean sound and overdrive Complete bypass (True bypass)

Supply voltage range : 9 to 12VDC

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