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Pedals By Tone

This is a one of a kind hand built overdrive/distortion pedal. I have hand crafted this one myself with care and dedication. It is a great sounding pedal with lots of gain and tons of sustain. There are no IC's in this, the sound comes from 5 JFETs. It has controls for level, tone and gain. This pedal was designed to make a clean set amp sound like a cranked stack. It runs on a standard adapter or 9 volt battery. If you want that huge sound with out having a wall of amps then this is the pedal for you. Turn your little combo into a full blown raging stack with this pedal. From clean to mean and all in between. I only use the best parts in my pedals. Die Cast Hammond Aluminum 1590N1 cases, High quality knobs, 3PDT true bypass switch, Neutrik jacks, 22 gauge high grade military wire, 16 mm Alpha pots, FR-4 .045 PCB's which are hand etched and drilled by myself, Wima capacitors, Xicon 1% resistors and a Yellow LED. If you have any other questions just let me know. Each pedal is neatly soldered and wired with care and dedication.

Each pedal has one of a kind graphics with a matching Yellow LED. I have used a two part epoxy resin for the finish which will last a lifetime. Please note these are handmade custom creations. The finish and graphics will vary slightly from pedal to pedal.

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