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Need an all-analog optical tremolo that's very warm and simple but versatile at the same time?

The Pedal Projects Undertow features a simple analog circuit that gives you two tremolo waveforms via a toggle switch.

Triangle wave is a softer wave but the square wave is harder and can produce a choppy tremolo effect if desired.

Three knobs control rate (speed), depth and volume. A common problem with tremolo pedals is that there's a perceived volume drop.

With the Undertow, you can even boost, A LOT!

Inside the enclosure is a trimmer to set the brightness of the LED, which flashes with the rate of the tremolo.


  • All-analog optical tremolo
  • Warm tone with vintage flavour
  • True bypass switching
  • Top mounted power jack
  • 9 to 18V DC negative centre power
  • High quality 22AWG stranded wiring
  • No battery support

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