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You must've heard of the legendary Fuzz Face, right? It's one of the most popular fuzzes ever made and many highly regarded players use it.

"Litli" is Icelandic for "little", so it's a Little Fuzz. It's inspired by the classic Fuzz Face, but uses different transistors, that are called ME4003 and deliver a meatier and fatter tone. It uses standard negative center power so it can be used with most pedals out there today.

The upper knob sets the volume and the lower knob dials in the amount of fuzz.

This type of circuit is known for handling volume changes quite well. We recommend that you try rolling off the volume knob to soften the tone and get a smoother drive.


  • True Bypass switching 
  • ME4003 NPN Transistors 
  • Neutrik Jacks 
  • High quality 22AWG stranded wiring 
  • 9V DC negative center

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