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Pedal Projects

Pedal Projects has been known for a long time for making one of the best Klon replicas out there. This third version features a few important improvements to the previous versions.

New PCB design
The Klone V3 PCB was completely redesigned to be much more reliable than before. With board mounted potentiometers, the PCB is held in place securely.

Relay switching
The original unit does not have this, but we consider it an improvement. Relay switching keeps the pedal silent while maintaining the internal switch option of true bypass or buffered bypass.

Useful and safe
With the new relay switching, the pedal is better suited for those using loopers. When the pedal is powered, it'll automatically turn on, which is ideal for those with loopers so they don't need to switch it on every time they power their boards. Another great feature is that if the pedal loses power for any reason, it will switch to bypass mode so the signal does not cut off.

Klone V3 has three knobs that control volume, treble and gain. The most common usage for a Klone is to keep the gain low and use it as a powerful booster, but it will do a good job as a standalone drive with the gain knob turned up.

The pedals feature D9E NOS germanium diodes which have been tested, reported and confirmed to be a tonal match to the ones used in the original unit, since those are obsolete now.

"Yessir, very similar. A very nice Klone!"  - Gearmanndude

"I'm not a Klon aficionado. Pedal Projects is a new builder to me but I'm already extremely impressed."  - Nick Jaffe (JustNick)


  • Accurate reproduction of the original tone 
  • Relay soft touch switching 
  • Internal true bypass / buffered bypass option 
  • High quality 22AWG stranded wiring 
  • 9V DC negative centre only. 
  • Internal 9V to 18V conversion

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