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Brand new PCB design that makes the pedal much more reliable. 

Two DC jacks allow you to power it from either side BUT also acts as a daisy chain. If you have any low power consumption pedals like analog overdrives, you can daisy chain off of the Bufferlo to power them. 

Top mounted in and out jacks make it work in any pedalboard setup.

So what does a buffer do and how do you know if you need one?

The Bufferlo is a little circuit that doesn't colour your tone and neither boosts nor lowers the volume of your signal. It's a unity gain amplifier which takes your high-impedance signal and makes it low-impedance again.

What does this all mean?

Many people have a lot of pedals and/or long cables. The reason for high-impedance is long cables and their capacitance which degrades the high-end of your signal and makes it sound dull. Think of impedance as something impeding your signal quality. If there's high-impedance, it's impeding a lot and muffling your tone.

Now that you know what it means, how can you easily figure out if you need a buffer?

The easiest method of finding out is to play through your normal rig (if you use long cables when playing, be it live or at home, use them) and have a close listen to the tone. Listen to the high-end of the strings. Having already prepared it, plug the guitar straight into the amp with a short cable and don't change the amp settings. Do you hear a difference? If you do, you need a buffer.

Keep in mind, there are lots of buffered pedals out there that you might own already. Most, if not all, Boss pedals are buffered when bypassed. Own a Klon(e)? Those are buffered. The Marbleverb V.2 is a buffered pedal as well.


  • Board mounted jacks for maximum reliability 
  • Compact design! 
  • Top mounted in and out jacks 
  • 2x DC jacks

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