Pedal Pad


    Pedal Pad is a brand from MKS Professional Stage Products, a company in Topeka, KS, USA, run by Michael Stratton (President).

    Timeline (by Michael Stratton)

    • 2000: Started toying with the idea of a design that could be customized by individual players.
    • May 2001: Incorporated MKS Professional Stage Products, Inc.
    • July 2001: Attended first NAMM show in Nashville. Received a great response from players and retailers. Michael Molenda, editor of Guitar Player magazine, handed me a business card and said he wanted to feature Pedal Pad in the magazine's NAMM follow-up article.
    • March 2002: Pedal Pad received 5 picks in each category of Guitar Player's Bench Test section (George Harrison on the cover). The article was referred to as a pedal board shootout and Pedal Pad was not only the top pick, but also the first product in the history of the magazine to get 5 picks in all categories.
    • July 2002: Introduced the Pedal Pad MPS series, which was a trimmed down from the original designs. MPS stands for Modular Pedal System.
    • May 2003: AXS series was introduced.
    • 2005: Pedal Pad Lite was introduced and eventually discontinued. Building light duty gear was something I got talked into by a few players. I soon realized that it was not what I wanted to do.
    • 2006: MPS II and AXS II series were introduced. This design was further trimmed down and recognized the importance of keeping the user side of the pedal board as low to the ground as possible. We also reduced the pitch of the pedal surface in order to optimize the use of volume pedals and wahs.
    • 2012: New and improved website.

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