Pedalman was run by Romain Bidaut (aka Pedalman) a prominent vintage effects dealer in New York City, NY in the years 1994-2002.

    Timeline (by Romain Bidaut)

    • 1994 : the desire to start a business AND an empty drawer in a miniature NY studio as the only warehouse led to the idea: YES I CAN start a business as long as the entire business can fit in that drawer!
    • 1996: now a known vintage effects supplier, prominent artists start coming to Romain Bidaut to get their pedal fix
    • 1998 : birth of first Pedalman pedal SuperFuzz (a Univox Superfuzz Reissue)
    • 2000 : birth of Pedalman 818 Overdrive Pro, Pedalman's own vision of the ultimate most perfect TS808 which actually become much more than just that :)
    • 2002: diagnosed with a very serious health condition, Romain Bidaut is not dead, but Pedalman has to die :(

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