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Last December I was asked to build a couple of "Orange Squeezer" Compressor clones as Christmas Gifts for two incredible singer/songwriter and performing artists, Will Owsley and Vince Gill. The finished pedal turned out so well and received so much interest that I decided to add it to the PedalDoctor FX lineup. But not without a few modern alterations to the device. First off, I built it into a pedal...

The Legendary Dan Armstrong "Orange Squeezer" is one of those great little gadgets that seems to pop up on many recordings back on the mid 70's and is pretty recognizable once you've heard one close up. It's a little box that measures about 2 1/4" X 2 1/4" X 1 1/4" and has an input jack and a 1/4" male output jack. (these could be modified so the effect could either be plugged into an amp or into the guitar) The only control on the unit was the miniature bypass toggle switch on the front of the unit. Although the Orange Squeezer sounded great, there was often quite a difference in volume between the bypassed level and the effect level. In addition, if you have the opportunity to compare two units side by side, you will notice that they will also have differing amounts of compression. I know a session guitarist who has three vintage Squeezers that all sound different. Prior to purchasing one of my "Tangerine Squeeze" compressors, took all of them to sessions because he relied on the sound but there was no controls on the unit. It is possible to remedy this by disassembling the effect and twiddling with the trim pot inside but this can be a problem during a recording session. The "Tangerine Squeeze" is a sound reproduction of the original circuit with some useable modifications...

The "Tangerine Squeeze" is no ordinary compressor pedal. It was modeled after a very cool vintage design and with some minor modifications, it has been made more useable without compromising the original sound. So, how does it sound? Well, it can be very subtle making it a comfortable pedal for acoustic guitar or bass guitar or it can be quite aggressive, squashing your signal down until your chops nearly "spit" out -excellent for jazz and funk. It also has a smooth release, no "stairstepping" or gain surges when you hold onto a note or chord.

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