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Until the past three years, I've felt little personal interest in treble boosters, mainly because the ones that I've had the opportunity to demo were older original models that weren't operating well and created more noise than signal. They also seemed to be extremely bright and didn't quite create the "drive" that I was expecting. (check out "A Night At The Opera" "Day At The Races" and "News Of The World" by Queen and the "Blues Breaker album with guitarist Eric Clapton for an idea of the tone I'm talking about).

More than Just a Treble "Booster"... a Treble "Overdriver"

Treble frequencies also create (or enhances) overdrive when used to hit the front end of an amp. If you want to see what I'm talking about, grab an older tweed Fender that has only a volume and tone control. Set the amp up with the tone control straight up the center and increase the volume until it just begins to break up. Sounds great huh? Now increase the tone control (to add treble) and check out the overdrive. Lotsa gain and a very "chime-like" overdrive just like the Bright switch on some of the mid-sized "BlackFace" Fenders.

The "Queen Bee" takes advantage of this idea and as a result, is referred to as a treble "overdriver" It actually slams the front end of an amp with just the right amount of gain and treble to smooth out the amps natural overdrive and add definition, much like the "top boost" does for the famous VOX AC-30.

I've used it with Fender, Marshall, VOX, and Matchless amps to name a few, and It seems to work well with any type of amp. It also works well in front of another overdrive pedal as a lead channel and is not "harsh" or "tinny" but cuts through a mix in a very musical way.

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