Parasit Studio Into the Unknown - Guitar Synthesizer


Parasit Studio

Into the Unknown Guitar Synthesizer Deluxe is a unique, versatile, fun and totally insane pedal. An original design by Parasit Studio that can do brutal fuzz, theremin sounds, synthy octaves down and up (one or two octaves down and one or two octaves up), flanger'esque modulation (with the internal LFO), noise/oscillation, ringmod'ish sounds and more!

This strangely musical PLL based pedal was first released in 2016 as both a complete pedal and a DIY project. It is now available again as a fully assembled pedal.

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low frequency oscillator lfo-controlled gate s-trigger trigger voltage-controlled fx pedal stompbox stomp box guitar effects pedal synth effect synthesizer voice pitch/octave octavers octaver octave 2 octaves up frequency
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