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Terran - Re-Voicing Overdrive

The Terran is a mid/high gain Overdrive with a parametric equalizer, that was inspired by the legendary Ampeg V4. The main purpose of this pedal is, to re-voice your tone, based on the resonant qualities of different types of guitar pick-ups or to emulate different tube amp voices, how can this be achieved?

An active Midrange filter with gain, Resonance (Q) and selectable bandwidth (700Hz, 1khz,1.5khz), open the sonic possibilities to an ocean of textures. You can use it as a pre-amp to re-voice your tone, to accentuate a specific frequency spectrum to emphasize your instrument’s expression, or making your humbuckers sound like single coils, the Terran is more than a conventional dirt pedal.

Use it as a cab simulator? No problem.

Put it at the beginning of your pedal chain to re-voice your guitar pickups, after a fuzz or distortion to have a better-articulated equalization, or as a pre-amp for your tube amplifier to change the overall voice of your tone.

  • LEVEL: Controls the Volume output.
  • GAIN: Controls the drive level of the effect, softer to your left, harsher to the right.
  • BASS: Bass level in the mix.
  • TREBLE: Controls the high-frequency levels.
  • MIDRANGE: Controls the active mid levels, amplifying up to 15db.
  • RESONANCE(Q): Increases the selectivity of the midrange filter, more selective to the right, flatter to the left.
  • BANDWIDTH: Select the central frequency of the Midrange filter between 700Hz, 1.0Khz and 1.5Khz.

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