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Ionizer | Clipping Fuzz Sequencer

The Ionizer represents the soundscape of a Jaeger Factory, the sequential clash of iron and machinery. We wanted to combine the best of two distant worlds: The taste of clipping diodes on Fuzz and a step sequencer; besides being able to select independently Silicon, Germanium, LED and Mosfet to open a spectrum of timbric possibilities, we wanted to take it to another level: to control it SEQUENTIALLY, in this mode a clock makes the change between diodes automatically, you can control the rate of the sequence with the “speed” knob or with Tap Tempo, thus creating unconventional fuzz rhythm bases.

This pedal has 4 distinct voices. The silicon diode is first on the list, with a crunchier and harder voice; the germanium diode is warmer and maintains punchier mids; the LED has more headroom with less compression and higher dynamics, definitely a more modern distortion; the Mosfet transistor has a subtle cut, allowing dynamics and maintaining warmth.

With this choice of components, we tried to emphasize the virtues and limits of each one, so that the player benefits from each one’s nature, not to mention the sequential madness it provides.


  • Tone: Higher frequencies clockwise, counterclockwise more bass content.
  • Gain: More dirt when you turn the knob clockwise. On a higher gain setting, each component’s flavor will be stronger.
  • Level: Controls the effect´s volume.
  • Speed: Controls the rate of the sequencer manually.
  • Bright/Deep: Cuts low frequencies, to clean up and deliver a brighter tone, or stain with muddier, thicker bass content.
  • Step/Seq: Selects between Sequential mode or Step mode that lets you choose each step independently.
  • Slct Step/Tap Tempo: This Foot Switch responds to the step/seq control. In Step mode you can change scroll from diode to diode as you press the switch, in Seq mode it can be used as Tap tempo.
  • Unnamed Switch: The circuit goes into auto-oscillation.



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