Palmer Mutterstolz (Mothers Pride) - Tube Distortion



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  • Color
  • Mother



Palmer Mutterstolz – Palmer's New Pride And Joy

Overdrive, distortion, fuzz and boost pedals are by far the no. 1 guitar stompboxes, and for good reason – they deliver dirty, saturated sounds at reasonable levels, make solos stand out, beef up anaemic amps and add extra channels to your rig. Introducing the MUTTERSTOLZ and unlike most OD type pedals, Palmer's latest Root Effect utilizes an ECC83 for real tube distortion.

Providing a wide range of organic sound shaping options the MUTTERSTOLZ covers everything from a transparent clean boost to vintage low to medium gain overdrive to intense, saturated distortion with natural compression and bloom. Just like a great amp, the pedal responds extremely well to picking dynamics and the guitar's volume control.

"Destruction" and "Mother" controls set gain and master volume while "Colour" adds warmth or bite without obscuring the guitar's inherent tone. For fine tuning OD and distortion sounds the unique "Dirt" control adjusts harmonics and sustain. A heavy duty footswitch provides true bypass when the pedal is deactivated. The dedicated power supply for the MUTTERSTOLZ's 12V AC operation is included. Like all Palmer Root Effects the rugged steel housing's extended bottom plate is drilled for pedalboard mounting.

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