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Paisley Tubby Effects

The Paisley Tubby Swirl is a vibe effect based around the sounds from the rotating Leslie speaker that has been shoehorned into a small enclosure (about the size of an MXR pedal). Two external controls, the speed control lets you control how fast or slow the unit modulates. The depth control lets the Tubby Swirl go from a subtle phasing to a deep swirling shimmery sound. The Tubby Swirl also has an internal control to adjust the drive to the optocouplers which will lower or increase the intensity, which you can adjust to your liking.

Two footswitches, one for bypass and a mode footswitch for changing between vibrato and a chorus like sound. Each footswitch has a status LED.

The Tubby Swirl comes with its own expression pedal which is aluminium and very solid. The expression pedal when jacked in will switch out the speed control on the Tubby Swirl unit and lets you control the speed with your foot for some custom swirling.

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