Paisley Tubby Effects Quasar


Paisley Tubby Effects

Based around the Ampeg Scrambler from the sixties.

Well known for being rare... This stays pretty faithful to the original, with minor updates that does not affect the sound but makes it a bit more user friendly and reliable.

The Paisley Quasar has two controls; Blend and Texture, the Blend control turned fully anti-clockwise will give you the sound as if the effect has been bypassed and by turning it up this will increase the amount of fuzz/octave being blended into the clean signal.

The Texture control changes the amount of intensity of the octave effect added with distortion to the input signal. From a smooth sound produced when the Texture control is fully clockwise, turning the control anti-clockwise results in more of an upper octave effect being added. With the Blend turned up with Texture the Quasar can get quite aggressive indeed.

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