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Paisley Tubby Effects

The Paisley MKI is based around my original MKI tonebender.

Built by Gary Hurst in a time where the castle just a few miles from my house still had water in its moat (1965), the MKI was the British metal wedge shaped fuzz that opened the door to many other British wedge shaped fuzzes... though some were more sleak in their wedged shape like the MKII.. and some were actually round... To be honest by the end of it's life the original MKI probably did much harm to mankind, we just remember it for the good stuff. So was my MKI going to focus on the good stuff or it's forgotten dark past that may lead us to force feed birds until they die then serve them as our lunch...

Oddly, I've opted to focus my MKI on the good stuff, yeah more boring I know but this means it sounds like something that sounds OK at first but you then notice that it's on FIRE... which makes it sound better.. ? I like to think of a burning animal like a falcon or a pig.

This pedal is loaded with OC76 germanium transistors.

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