Paisley Tubby Effects Blue Musk Overdrive


Paisley Tubby Effects

It's blue and has sounds exactly like an irresistible musk smells...

The Paisley Blue Musk is a simple overdrive with controls for volume and fuzz...

...Born in a time when working together with your horse and a lovely green and red plough in a field with thick heavy sodden mud and few crops was their equivalent of a Lenny Kravitz gig, the Blue Musk would have caused quite a rumpus in the Swan & Pig... If it wasn't an inanimate object it would have been flailed within an inch of his inanimate life... But today with "progress", flails falling out of fashion and its abundant low end, crisp clear tones with a thick hint of fuzz Mr Blue Musk may have the chance to... become a real BOY!

Runs off a 9 volt battery or 9 volt external power supply. Includes box and instructions.

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