PAiA 9730 VCF Dual Voltage Controlled Filter


  • Freq A
    controls the cut-off frequency of filter A
  • Q A
    controls the resonance of filter B
  • Freq B
    controls the cut-off frequency of filter A
  • Q B
    controls the resonance of filter B
  • Attack
    controls the attack time
  • Release
    controls the release time
  • Output
    controls the output volume
  • AR/Cycle
    switches between modulation by the Attack-Release envelope or by an LFO



Two filters are better than one, and when you include a combination Envelope Generator / LFO and interconnect them with a powerful normalization scheme the result is a filter system with unmatched versatility.

A dual filter offers a lot of flexibility. It can be used as two independent 12db/oct. (2 pole) elements to achieve complex, dynamic timbres not possible with one filter, or the two sections can be cascaded for a single 24db/oct (4 pole) reponse. Each filter has Lo Pass, Band Pass, and Hi Pass outputs with nominal corner frequency (Fc) range from 16Hz. to 16kHz.. Control Voltage scaling is 1V/oct. Resonance ("Q") has both a front panel knob and Control Voltage input. All inputs are DC coupled so the filter can process Control Voltages as well as audio signals.

The 9730 Modulator is an Attack/Release Envelope Generator with separate Trigger input for A/R envelopes and Gate input for A/R with Sustain (ASR). Attack time is adjustable from 0.5ms to 2 seconds, Release time from 1ms to 4 seconds. The Cycle switch allows self-triggering for an LFO function with independently adjustable rise / fall times and a range from a cycle every eight seconds to over 100Hz. The Gate and Trigger inputs also work when in Cycle mode - a Gate input turns the oscillator off and on and Trigger inputs syncs the oscillator to an external source. The front panel LED brightens and dims to indicate Modulator output.

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