Warm, Fat, and Smooth.

The OXFUZZ is an old school, hand crafted fuzz from days gone by.

Based on the famous Arbiter Fuzz Face from the 60`s… but with a few major upgrades to give it more onions.

Made with the finest quality components available.

Meticulously tested for serious fuzz tone.

Oxfuzz about the Germanium edition

Rare germanium transistors from the 60`s/70`s are used to make this baby sing. Thick, rich fuzz with enough edge for cutting through. Controls are Volume and FUZZ. There is also a internal trim pot to bias the transistors and dial in that “sweet spot”.

Oxfuzz about the Silicon edition

Low gain silicon transistors are used to give this fuzz a more round, germanium type tone.

Warm and smooth with a tight bottom and edge.

There is also a trim pot inside.

Oxfuzz about the limited edition Germanium NKT275 edition

These are the holy grail of Fuzz Face transistors.

Very Rare and Very Expensive..... but worth it.

There will be 10 pedals to start.

They will come in a custom polished enclosure w/ black OXFUZZ Logo.



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