Overtōn Tōnlink-DI




The TōnLink-DI provides the Overtōn sound in pedal format. Not simply an impedance matching device the TōnLink-DI is a full featured preamp. Sporting a smooth auto-compressor, 3 band EQ and individually adjustable gain and level controls, this preamp can be fully tailored. Because the engineers at Overtōn understand the need, at times, for complex signal chains the TōnLink-DI also has an FX loop to increase it’s functionality further. In addition the dual footswitches can be preset to trigger different functions within the TōnLink-DI. The left footswitch can be set to either engage the mute or a transparent bypass while the right footswitch can be set to trigger compressor or sculpt bypass modes. The TōnLink provides all of this versatility in Overtōn’s instantly recognizable red anodized package.

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