Orion Effekte De Luxe Motor Fuzz


Orion Effekte

The DE LUXE MOTOR FUZZ is the big brother of the standard Motor Fuzz, it is highly dynamic and provides a good sustain.

The DÄMPFUNG-knob controlling the input gain creates less distorted sounds while the KLANG-knob opens up a wide range of sounds from fatbass to screaming-60s fuzz. A toggle switch allows you to chose between I. normal Motor Fuzz and II. rougher, dirtier.

Germanium inside!


  • Germanium inside
  • Dimmable status LED
  • Hardware true bypass
  • 9V-DC-Jack
  • Battery-connection (battery inclusive!)
  • Removable rubber-feet
  • 5 years guarantee
  • Packed in jute-bag with button
  • Handmade in Germany

Technical data:

  • Controls: Pegel (Volume), Klang (Tone), Verzerrung (Distortion), Dämpfung (Gain), Mode-Switch
  • Dimension: 120 x 100 x 57mm
  • Weight: 356g (without battery)
  • Supply voltage: +9V
  • Current: 2,9mA (Bypass: 1,8mA)

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