Origin Effects SlideRIG Dual Chained Limiting Amplifier - Studio Grade FET Compressor


Origin Effects

Our goal was to reproduce the slide-guitar tones first heard on Little Feat’s classic album, "Dixie Chicken". The tone is clean and transparent, with an almost infinite shimmering-sustain. For many this represents the ultimate in slide-tone.

In the studio, the Little Feat tone was achieved by daisy-chain-connecting two Urei 1176 "FET" compressor channels. The 1176 has a fast response, unique character and smooth compression. Chaining the compressor sections allows the character to be retained, whilst vastly increasing the amount of compression. This level of compression is generally referred to as "Limiting" as the signal is maintained at a consistent level.

Our 1176-inspired Cali76 circuit forms the backbone of the SlideRig – with two identical Cali76 blocks being utilised in a true, dual-chained, topology. The unit features switch-able user-settings, providing the user with separate rhythm and lead presets. The most common scenario being the use of a subtle compression for quieter passages; and afuller compression, with a clean level boost, for solo work.

A studio-grade 1960s-style preamp works as an interface between the guitar and the first compressor section. Just like the compressor blocks, the preamp uses discrete Class-A electronics for the purest tone possible.

The pedal can be powered from a single 9V battery, or from a 9V to 18V DC power supply. A higher-voltage external supply will increase the dynamic range of the unit and permits the use of hotter input signals. Overall, the sound will be cleaner, especially at extreme settings.


  • 100% Class-A discrete signal path
  • Chained compressors for more "squash"
  • Two user-presets
  • Ultra-fast “FET” response
  • Massive gain of 75dB at zero compression
  • Internal Attack & Release presets
  • Studio-grade “discrete” preamplifier
  • Low-noise electronics
  • Selectable True, or Buffered, Bypass
  • 50 hours life from single 9V / PP3 cell
  • Optional external power (9-18V DC)
  • Traditional Through-Hole PCB

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