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Origin Effects

The Cali76 is a premium-quality, 1960s-style FET compressor, inspired by the legendary Urei 1176. The idea behind this design was to bring the sonic properties of this revered studio-classic into the scope of the average guitar-geek...

The topology of the design was kept true to the original, whilst the actual circuitry was carefully condensed. In this way it has been possible to retain the much-loved dynamic response of the original, whilst at the same time permitting a smaller, more stage friendly format!

Excluding the VU meter, the circuitry is wholly transistor-based (otherwise known as "discrete"). Well designed transistor circuits, in contrast to IC-based designs, generate fewer harsh distortion artefacts. In addition, subtle harmonics are created which can positively-enhance tone.

Origin have also included a studio-grade 1960s-style discrete preamp, to work as an interface between your guitar and the compressor. The preamp provides gain and also creates the optimum conditions for signal transfer.

The pedal can be powered by a 9V battery or from a 9V to 18V DC power supply. A higher voltage supply will increase the dynamic-range/headroom of the unit…

The Cali76 is a great performance tool, but is by by no means limited to this task. Recording guitarists will find the unit highly useful for post-processing recorded drums, bass and vocals. The Cali76 will tame rogue dynamics and liven up flatsounding mixes... Best of all it will impart a strong analogue footprint on otherwise sterile, digitally-recorded tracks.


  • 100% Class-A discrete signal path
  • Ultra-fast “FET” response
  • Attack & Release presets
  • Studio-grade “discrete” preamplifier
  • Rugged VU-style meter
  • Low-noise electronics
  • Optimised for guitar but also great for processing recorded instruments
  • Selectable True or Buffered Bypass
  • 50 hours life from single 9V / PP3 cell
  • Optional external power (9-18V DC)
  • Traditional Through-Hole PCB



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