Option 5 Destination Motorvation



Option 5

If you were born to be wild somewhere near China Grove and wanna go my way, then this new distortion pedal is just what you?ve been looking for. Imagine plugging into a vintage fuzz pedal and driving it hard into a plexiglass control paneled tube amp. That sonic imagery is what inspired the tones inside of our newest box. Grinding, motor-like distortion with a cutting edge is what this bad boy is all about. We?ve had this one in the vault since about 1997 ? It?s high time we let it escape into your hands!

Features include:

  • All analog circuitry.
  • Responsive distortion
  • Gain, Tone & Level controls
  • TONS of boost level
  • Standard, regulated 9 volt DC wallwart operation
  • True Bypass
  • Small footprint

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