Option 5


    Option 5 is operated by Jay Woods and located in Mishawaka, IN USA.

    Timeline (by Jay Woods)

    • 1992: Started designing my own pedals
    • 1995: Worked for Blues Pearl amplifier company and designed 3 pedals for Bob Hudson
    • 2001: Started making pedals and selling at guitar shows
    • June 2002:
      • Vintage Guitar review of original Destination Overdrive
      • Officially began business
    • 2003: Joe Satriani, Neal Schon, Santana and Joe Walsh bought Destination Rotations from me
    • July 2007:
      • Guitar Player Editors' Pick award for Destination Rotation Single pedal
      • Joe Walsh endorsement.
    • 2010:
      • Released destination Bump
      • moved from house to a building.
    • 2011:
      • Destination Phase and destination Bump picked up by Guitar Center
      • Released Destination Delay x2

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