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Dual-Speed Tremolo / Linear Boost Pedal

The Tremble™ Tremolo is two pedals in one. It's a smooth vintage tremolo as you would find on classic amps of the 1960's, but with a wider range of speeds, and the ability to switch seamlessly between two speeds of your choosing, while you play! This creates a Leslie rotating speaker type sound.

The 'boost-only' switch disables the tremolo effect, but leaves a great-sounding linear boost in the circuit path, allowing you to use the pedal as a volume boost to push tube amps into singing distortion!

Controls: Slow (Speed 1), Fast (Speed 2), More (Volume), Deep (Depth), Boot-Only Switch, and footswitches for True Bypass and Speed 1/Speed 2 Select.

Power Source: 9VDC (negative center 'Boss-style' adapter required). Battery snap not included.

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