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The Road Rash Overdrive has it all: touch dynamics, just the right amount of low-end and midrange frequencies, and a semi-ridiculous amount of volume boost. This means you can also use the Road Rash as a clean boost to push your tube amp into massive crunch territory.

A versatile tone control gives you a broad range of tonal possibilities, and the gain (dirty) control takes you from clean all the way to that place where overdrive and distortion intersect. It's low noise-floor make it an excellent recording studio tool in addition to live stage use. The Road Rash is perfect for Blues, all things Rock and just about anywhere a great sounding overdrive is called for.

Runs on 9v or up to 15v for more headroom.

Controls: More (Volume), Dirty (Gain), Moon/Sun (Tone), and True Bypass footswitch.

Power Source: 9-15VDC (negative center 'Boss-style' adapter required). Battery snap not included.

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