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If you're using long cable runs, or have a pedal board full of true bypass pedals, your tone could be weak and muddy due to increased capacitance. The Betterizer Line Buffer Pedal restores the full strength of your pickups by converting the signal from high impedance to low impedance. It presents your amp with the true sound of your pickups, as if you were plugged directly into the amp with a short cable.

But that's not all- there's also a very subtle enhancement in the upper frequencies, that makes your tone sparkle and shimmer without sounding harsh or brittle. An added 'dimension' in your tone is a good description.

Certain pedals (often fuzzes) may not sound as good when used with a buffer, which is why The Betterizer is also equipped with true bypass wiring, so you can take the buffer out of the signal path when it's time for that fuzzy solo.

Controls: On, Bypass.

Internal Controls: LED brightness control.

Power Source: 9VDC (negative center 'Boss-style' adapter required). Battery snap not included- see our green tone page for details.

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