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This pedal distorts the guitar signal in a harmonic way. It is very versatile and has a wide spectrum of sounds.


  • The left swich is a filter for the midrange.
    • "Fuzz" is flat range
    • "Fizz" is a notch filter around 2500Hz
  • "Bottom" controls the amount of bass from the guitar.
  • "Top" is the treble control.
  • "Muscles" is the gain and amount of distortion, and finally; "Juice" is the volume.
  • The right swich changes between different colours of the sound.
    • "Germanium" gives a brown and fat sound.
    • "Booster" acts as a booster up to a certain level(much higer than the others) before it starts clipping.
    • "Silicium" has a sharper tone and more treble.

Uses 9V battery or standard Boss DC adapter.

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