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This effect distorts the musical signal in a harmonic way. It mixes the original signal with the distorted one in a way that leaves much of the fat bass sound to come through.

Besides that, you can choose different colours of the sound by changing what diodes which clips the signal. You can choose between Germanium, Silicon and LED diodes. It is a matter of taste, but the main differences are:

  • Germanium: Lowest amount of distortion, a little dirty/warm in the background
  • LED: Gives more bass and less treble and most distortion
  • Silicium: A more trebled and hiss distortion


  • The switch «Muffler» is a filter that changes the mids and tops. This filter is dependent on the controller «Gear»
  • «Turbo» is the gain on the input.
  • «Gear» is a tone controller that controls the gain of the lower frequencies.
  • «Injection» is the output volume.

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