Onerr TWA-1 Touch Wah Vintage



  • Sens
    Gives to you possibility of controlling how sensible the TW-1 will response to your picking style. This knob is also useful to find an accurate set when you use different guitars with diferent pickup styles.
  • Attack
    Controls the speed of TW1. It will response to your picking style. Set to maximum, TW-1 is sensible even for faster technics. Set to minimum, it will response less rhythmic and more melodious as you move the wah wah pedal slowly while you play it.
  • Range
    Gives you control of depth of wah effect.
  • Pitch (Normal/Inverse)
    This switch allows you to change the pedal pitch form NOR(Normal) to INV(Inverse).
    • NOR: Starts pitch on High tone (When you pick the string) going to LOW tones ( While string tunes).
    • INV : Starts pitch on LOW tone (When you pick the string) going to HIGH tone (While string tunes).



The Touch Wah Vintage is a pick controlled wah. That means that instead of you pushing the pedal up and down, it changes the wah sound for you.

You must play, and the TW-1 interacts with your picking style!

The internal circuitry was developed by using a custom coil inductor in the internal filter section, giving you the most "desirable" tones of the acclaimed wah-wah pedals.

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  • Power Supply
    DC 9V Alkaline or AC adaptor (Onerr model PA 21 or PA 23)
  • Current Draw
    30 mA
  • Input impedance
    > 470 Kohm
  • Frequency response
    40 Hz to 10 KHZ
  • Frequency sweep
    740 HZ to 2200 HZ
  • Dimentions
    130mm(D) x 74mm(W) x 61mm(H)
  • Weight
    630 Grams
onnerr tw1 touchwah vintage touch wah

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