One Control (designed by BJF) Sonic Silver Peg - SVT Amplifier Emulator


One Control (Google-translated from Japanese)

The sound that everyone imagines as an electric bass sound.

There is no unnecessary ornament when carving a rhythm with finger playing, the sound passed through the core supports the bottom end clearly indicating the direction of the entire song without obedient and turbidity. If you pick strongly, attack with the edge gets added, and add power and momentum to the band. And with slap, thick sustain adds a color to the bass tone, along with a presence that makes strings start to splash.

Bass amp's classic which responds to "astringent play" astray, "powerful play" with speed and punch. It is a monumental vintage bass amp with vibrant coloring that is undeniably unique to a vacuum tube amp, while having a wide tolerance and a deep breath that can correspond to any genre.

One Control Sonic Silver Peg aims at is the bass AIAB pedal which can be the basis of all the bass tone. Capture the sound of the 100-W output tube amplifier "V4" released by Ampeg in the 1970's.

Since 1969, the sound of electric bass has changed. Because "SVT" came into the world. The "SVT" amplifier which is told as a legend was exactly the revolution of the bass amp.

"To our knowledge, SVT is the first bass amplifier that adopts a speaker cabinet with a higher resonance frequency than the bass tone of the bass guitar.In addition to the high output of 300 W, the characteristics including the cabinet are the loud and stretch of SVT Sound is realized. "This is the word of BJF, developer of Sonic Silver Peg.

The V series that can be said as a substantial successor model of SVT also has the same characteristics, and the 8 "× 10 cabinet of the V series also has a high resonance frequency than the basic sound of the bass guitar, and it is low distortion and phenomenal I realized the power.

Sonic Silver Peg succeeded in reproducing the power of the legendary amplifier by installing the Volume control at an early stage in the circuit.

In addition, like the original, Sonic Silver Peg has an active Mid knob that achieved ± 15 dB boost / cut centering around 800 Hz. In addition, it can control low pass filter which can sweep from 300 Hz to 10 kHz with Tone knob.

And, with the 0 dB / -15 dB switch, it is also possible to switch the sound of the original two inputs. From a clean, craftsmanship bass tone to overdrive tones full of saturation that a vacuum tube is likely to explode, we packed the legendary tone in a small enclosure.

In traditional style bass play, almost all of it can be covered with this pedal.

In the clean setting, boost the passive single coil with low output, make a tone with punch on the Mustang bass, and sublime it to the tone with more punch and glittering to the active pickup.

It also covers the basic sound of the piezo pickup and it is possible to amplify until it can drive the power amplifier as it is. You can also output multi-string bass frequencies like 5 strings and 6 strings.

Since there is sufficient output level, it can also be output directly to a mixer or the like.

That tone that is most universal and bastard is craving. Sonic Silver Peg realized that.

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