One Control (designed by BJF) Lingonberry OverDrive


One Control (Google-translated from Japanese)

In 2014, One Control confidently released the original overdrive, "Strawberry Red Over Drive" (SROD).

This red and small overdrive has already been called a staple in many legends, overdrives where famous machines are lined with, and it has become a presence that is aligned with many legends.

Developed with the aim of overdriving every guitarist of every genre, the SROD which was born has exceeded the genre and age indeed, and has gained high support from guitarists all over the world.

One Control Lingonberry OverDrive is an overdrive for players seeking more intense drive sound. It is a limited production model.

Originally, SROD can set a sufficiently high gain level. Beyond the overdrive area, it is a pedal that you can step on to distortion.

However, SROD is said to be more natural and high response overdrive than its ferocity. This is a result of exquisite tuning by BJF.

Lingonberry OverDrive is tuned like BJF to bring the ferocity and intensity of SROD to the front.

It is not an easy thing that simply raised the gain and distorted well. The point of tuning of Lingonberry OverDrive is summarized in the word of BJF "Reduced the signal necessary to obtain distortion and compression".

  • It is a pedal that stimulates the core part of the guitar sound
  • Whatever guitar you connect to the amp, always output the sound you want guitarist
  • Maximize the characteristics of other equipment such as guitar, amp, effector
  • Cover from complete clean to strong distortion
  • Pick up expressions that players did at hand without leaving
  • On that, fine tone adjustment is possible

It does not break these features of SROD, and the sound itself has characteristics that are common to high-quality guitar amps.

What changed was the signal level required to reach the distortion. Strong distortion can now be easily obtained by lowering the level at which distortion begins, leaving the height of the response intact.

And, according to the strain which became strengthened, we redesigned the characteristics of Treble and further increased the power of the low end. You can move from a clean backing to a smooth lead tone in one stroke.

Of course, Low Cut trim pot that can be set according to various amp, speaker, pickup combination that was popular also with original SROD is alive. You can freely adjust the sound balance by combining with the Treble control.

With BJF's own tuning, Lingonberry OverDrive could make natural and smooth SROD distortion, which could not be obtained by methods such as combining boosters etc.


  • Distortion of popular Strawberry Red Over Drive is stronger
  • Sound with tone of high quality always as a core
  • High-response sound of masterpieces
  • Low Cut trim pot is installed
  • High-quality mini size case with aluminum scraping
  • Built-in battery is also possible
  • True Bypass Switching 


  • Input Impedance: 330K
  • Output impedance: 25K
  • Drive voltage: 9 V
  • Current consumption: 4 mA
  • S / N ratio: -86 dB
  • Size: 39 W x 100 D x 31 H mm (not including projections)
  • 47 W x 100 D x 48 H mm (including projections)
  • Weight: Approximately 160 g (200 g when inserting batteries)
  • Batteries are not included.

Lingonberry OverDrive (LBOD) is a tuning for players who want a particularly high gain or flashy sound. It will be a ticket for players who need good amps, especially bright rock machines.

─── Bjorn Juhl

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