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Mosquite Blender with BJF Buffer

Create your own sounds limited only by your own ideas. Many months of hearing tests, component choices have gone into the development of the Mosquite Blender. All this effort was put into this small pedal.

The Mosquite Blender was designed to be used with your own pedals. Allowing you to dial in your  perfect blend of wet and dry signal. Allowing you to create a variety of tones depending on what type of pedal you'd like to use it with.

The latest version now includes a selectable BJF Buffer.

While our new blender doesn't look like it has changed very much, the new high quality BJF buffer makes the Mosquite Blender a must have for all pedal collectors and guitarists.

Of course the blender gives guitarists the ability to blend in any effect but with the BJF buffer added to this blender, guitarists get sparkling clear highs even when they aren't using the blender.

If you'd like to bypass the buffer when you aren't using the blender that is a possibility also. At One Control we always strive to give users flexibility to use our products the way they would like to.

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