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One Control (designed by BJF) Honey Bee


One Control

One Control Honey Bee.

The Honey Bee was my fourth model added to the BJF-line 2002. This is a low gain device designed to do dynamic overdrive and in memory of small amplifiers that neither have relatively enough distortion or treble and that give in to distortion when you strike hard.

The low gain nature of Honey Bee has made it popular partly among jazz musicians because of the way distortion can be controlled and be made to mimic small amplifiers similar to early jazz recordings but the Honey Bee has also gained popularity

with many other kinds of musicians and has even been used on snare drum; while the low gain nature of Honey Bee also lends itself well to stacking with other pedals and for instance to smooth out fuzzes with bright amplifiers.

Honey Bee has been produced by BJF Electronics since its release in December 2002 up until today and it has seen mainly four revisions.

Honey Bee production history

Issue 1 was the lowest gain and also had fairly low output.

Revision 1, increased output level

An intermediate version was made in 14 units using low current green LED’s and some variations were made with a little less bass.

Revision 2 more upper midrange was added

Revision 3 came about as a Rocka-Billy guitarist asked for more ’seethrough treble’ and thus full clockwise rotation of Nature control was changed from mild treble-cut to mild treble boost. This revision occurred at approximately serial number 147

Revision 4 was added 2017 giving the circuit 6dB more gain-something asked for since the initial release in 2002. This gives Drive control more range same low gain but more gain on tap.

Extended history

In February 2011 the first attempt at wider spreading of Honey Bee begun with launch of Bearfoot and the initial idea was to have as close as possible to BJF Honey Bee made and widening the availability and the last years have shown a fair success at that though and express line was planned in 2016 to make a product better aligned to distribution.

Now in October 2017 launch of mass-produced Honey Bee commences and I am proud to say that I am very happy with the outcome and the One Control edition combines all three major revisions and so in all modes there’s a gain increase of 6dB and it comes with a toggle that selects Vintage and Modern and in that controls partly what happens at Nature control full rotation and so in Modern mode there's a slight treble boost, in modern mode circuit also has the revision 2 upper midrange; in Vintage mode filtering is as in revision 1 and Nature control on full gives slight treble cut while the OC version has 6dB more gain.

It is my belief that the One Control version captures all major revisions and allows sound from all revision and the One Control edition is made so that it can be distributed worldwide.

Meanwhile back at the Bearfoot plant business continues as usual and production will stay the same and availability be the same through selected dealers.

For BJF the advent of the One Control Honey Bee is a major step that not only allows distributed availability worldwide of Honey Bee but it also signals a new phase of larger encloser One Control BJF series and a Brave New Future.

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