One Control


    One Control is run by Tomokaz Kawamura. The company is located in Iwate, Japan (one of the areas with a lot of damage after the 2011 tsunami).

    Timeline (by Tomokaz Kawamura)

    • 2010 March 11: started to make the pedals.
    • 2010 September: started to sell the Mosquite Blender what our first pedal.
    • 2011 April: started to sell the Iguana Tail Loop.
    • 2011 July: started to sell the White Loop and the Black Loop.
    • 2011 October: started to sell the AB BOX
    • 2011 November: started to sell the Xenagama Tail Loop
    • 2011 December: started to sell the Chamaeleo Tail Loop
    • 2012 January: started to sell the BJF Buffer, a collaboration with Bjorn Juhl.
    • 2012 January: attended our first NAMM show in LA.
    • 2012 March: attended Messe in Germany
    • I am making a lot of new creative pedals now!

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