Old Sound Technologies Tonebender MkII Pro


Old Sound Technologies

If you are looking for the "Sound of the Sixties" then this could be for you.

This is a well made replica of the famous 1960s pedal using New Old Stock (NOS) electronic components as much as possible to give you that sound.

Every component whether old or new is tested before use to make sure you get a good working pedal.

Three 1960s military spec germanium transistors, equivalent to OC84s, are used, and also Mullard C280 series capacitors, (sometimes called tropical fish), are used in the signal path.

It also comes fitted with a zinc carbon battery, the kind that was around then in the 60s, although you can use any battery of your choice.

With all this it should give you a very 60s sound.


  • Military Spec Germanium Transistors OC84 Equivalents Manufactured 1960s
  • Mullard Tropical Fish Capacitors Manufactured 1960s
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Lead Free Solder with 3% Silver Content for Low Resistance Solder Joints
  • Cliff Self Cleaning Jack Sockets
  • Carbon Composition Resistors
  • Vishay Long Life Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Good Quality Potentiometers
  • Solid Hard Wearing Aluminium Case with a Light Hammered Silver Finish
  • Bulgin Battery Compartment on Side for Easy Change of Battery

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