Old School FX Street Fighting Hamster


Old School FX

You will be blown away by the Street Fighting Hamster's power, tone range, and texture. This pedal is both flexible and versatile. The Street Fighting Hamster works well for both bass and guitar. This pedal's knobs are very sensitive and can achieve many great sounds. This pedal can get very aggressive and has amazing bottom end bass that will rattle the walls. This is the super saturated, heavy fuzz you have been wanting and much, much more.


  • Out - Adjust to equalize you on/off sound level.
  • Tone - In the middle it will be flat, as you turn left, you will boost your lows and cut your hights. As you turn right, you will boost your highs and cut your lows.
  • Gate - Adjust to control the amount of power going into the circuit. you will be running at full power when the knob is to the right fully. As you turn it left, you are cutting the amount of power and it will give you that dead battery, farty sound the more you turn to the left.
  • Gain - Adjust to control the amount of gain you desire.

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