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Feel like your tone is suffering from a loss of high-end treble/presence, signal level, or low end punch? Does your sound differ when you use a single cable plugged into your amp vs. running your typical pedal board setup with your effects bypassed? If your signal chain is filled with pedals and patch cables then this can cause a very degrading effect on your signal. If your signal is suffering then the Soul One is here to fix that. With no controls to worry about, just plug it in right after your guitar, at the beginning of your signal chain, and you are set. Do you have a loaded pedal board with 10+ pedals or are you forced to use extremely long cables while on stage? Buy two and place the second one at the end of your signal chain. The Soul One will not alter or modify your tone, it only strengthens your signal to preserve clarity and show you what you have been missing without it.

I have designed the Soul One as a bare bones "budget" buffer to make it as cost efficient as possible, don't let its simplicity fool you; this is an amazing buffer.

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