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The Indigenous Donkey is a great clean boost pedal. This pedal is loud, gritty, and ballsy, yet it won't alter or color your guitar's tone. The 'Bass Cut' knob allows you to adjust the amount of bass leaving the pedal in order to give you the cleanest amount of boost possible. The Bass Cut knob works as a This pedal works best with a tube amp and increases the level of your guitar signal, improving the clarity and response. With the impedance so high, it forces your magnetic pickups to work harder, improving their clarity and response. Both highs and lows will seem more pronounced. Even when turned low, it may seem subtle, but as soon as you turn it off you will miss the extra sparkle and clarity. As the signal goes into the front end of your amp it causes the pre-amp to drive into a natural tube saturation sound with more sustain.


  • Boost - Adjust set your desired amount of boost.
  • Bass Cut - Adjust to reduce the amount of bass in order to give you the cleanest boost possible.

Depending on the type of guitar you are using you might not hear a difference while adjusting the Bass Cut knob. The bass cut is wired pre circuit. It is basically there so an overly bassy guitar does not put too much bass into the circuit causing it to distort rather than letting the amp do the work. Most single coil guitar do not put out enough bass for the bass cut to make a difference. With really hot humbuckers or a bass guitar, you will most likely hear a difference.

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