Old School FX Fat Penguin


Old School FX

The Fat Penguin is one of my favorite overdrive pedals. It can go from a light, overdriven boost to a mean and nasty overdrive with a slight hint of fuzz when pushed. This pedal is very dynamic and expressive, with the perfect amount of sustain. The Fat Penguin can't be beat when used for all around rock riff and aggressive licks. Your notes will ring out and hold their definition all over the fret board, even were the other pedals crap out. If you are the type of player who cares about the individual character of your guitar, pickups, and amp, you will love the clear boost and smooth gain this pedal has to offer. The Fat Penguin behaves differently on every amp, but will always bring out the best qualities.


  • Volume - Adjust to equalize your on/off sound level or raise it to treat it like a boost.
  • Gain - Adjust the amount of gain you desire.

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