Old Orange Oly Boost


Old Orange

Fetzer based Boost pedal.

Cap mod via toggle switch, adds a bit of clarity by reducing the bass frequencies, great for different pickups and perfect for bass as well.

This pedal is a great boost on it's own and even better when stacking your signal. Stack it after your overdrive and find tones you never knew you could get or drive your amp into a natural distortion.

VERY VERY clean boost.

Excerpt taken from runoffgroove:

What do the Fender Bandmaster, Bronco, Champ, Concert, Deluxe, Harvard, Pro, Super, Twin, Vibrasonic, Vibrolux, and Vibroverb all have in common? The same input stage! The classic Fender input stage has been used in all these amps at one time or another in their history. Manufacturers like Victoria, Mesa/Boogie and countless others have borrowed this design. It is said Leo Fender borrowed this design from an RCA tube manual. At any rate, these amps have all enjoyed serious praise for their great sounds.

The Fetzer Valve is a booster circuit that is a FET-based version of the classic Fender 12AX7 or 7025 tube input stage. This is not a massive gain boost, but a moderate boost that will lend some Fender magic to anything you run it into. The input impedance is high enough to keep from loading your guitar signal. The JFET gives a reasonably tube-like sound, plus the whole circuit is quite small and easy to build. This circuit would be easy to wire internally in a guitar or bass, if desired.


  • Hammond 1590A enclosure
  • Satin Black powdercoat
  • Screen Printed design
  • Neutrik Jacks
  • Cliff 3pdt
  • 9vDC compatible (Requires the use of 9v Negative Tip adapter such as Boss type)
  • Hand built in the USA

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