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The Reaper is a germanium transistor boost pedal for guitar, bass, keys, etc. It uses a single NOS Russian germanium transistor biased to achieve boost from unity to just over 3/4 travel. After which, depending on how hot your input signal is, the pedal will add a slight fuzzy sparkle to your sound---reminiscent of the onset of tube break up. An added bonus of this pedal is the ability to use it as a cut pedal as well. I set unity gain around 9 o'clock. If turned on at this spot, there will only be a slight tonal/volume change. Any setting below 9 o'clock, will result in an attenuated signal. This works great for sudden volume drops during songs.

As with all boosts, mixing and matching with other pedals will completely change final sounds. You can use this pedal in front of many overdrive pedals to produce a mild to splattery velcro type fuzz as it overdrives the input of the second pedal. Using it after overdrive/distortion pedals will give an end of world, over the top distorted sound.

All pedals are built by hand in Pittsburgh, PA. I use a high quality pcb, not perf or vero board. All transistors are gain checked to be matched for each circuit. Hfe is listed on top of transistor can. Each pedal is then tested by both frequency sweeping and verifying on an oscilloscope as well with a guitar/amp set up.

The finish is candy orange automotive grade enamel with a minimum of 7 coats of clear on top. Being a candy finish, no two pedals will look identical. Note that with germanium, temperature will change the sound dramatically. From practice space to scorching hot stage under way too many par cans, you may have to adjust the pedal somewhat.

Pedals utilize standard "boss style" 9v power supplies. No battery clip is supplied. Single bright blue led identifies when pedal is on. Built into a very durable Hammond 125 style aluminum case.

Warranty: If the pedal stops working, I'll fix it free of charge. If the pedal stops sounding desirable, I will check it out for you, referencing back to frequency sweep/oscilloscope guides and fix it if possible. If the pedal breaks because you throw it into the back of the van after the show......I'll still fix it.....but you pay for it. Mail it back to me on your dime, I'll quote the repair, you decide to pay or not. If you want it repaired, I will do so, and mail it back on my dime.

Check back for the release of Monkey Wretch overdrive pedal, Earth Departer variant pedal and Ghost of Murry extreme bass fuzz/distortion pedal.

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